Empty Barbell Bench Press Workout Max Reps Challenge w/ 2Hype!

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Il y a mois

Pre-Workout I Use...GG!!
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James Verr
James Verr Il y a 8 jours
They’re doing like 1/2 Reps.
Connor Chris
Connor Chris Il y a 8 jours
James’s shoulder and rotator cuff had to be burning and sore because his form could use a little work
Ryan Il y a 17 jours
How many times they skipped count 👇
Snakesrule91 Il y a 19 jours
bro tryed to cover up the plates when we obviously saw them 😭😭
Wills Milward
Wills Milward Il y a 20 jours
James is such a bot bruh
Asher Avery
Asher Avery Il y a 20 jours
i use this stuff called Beyond Raw Lit and it’s good
John Doe223
John Doe223 Il y a 23 jours
Why jesser have dababy head 😂😂
Arnold Boundry
Arnold Boundry Il y a 25 jours
Itsyaboiixd Il y a 27 jours
He look like James harden no cap
Skull candy
Skull candy Il y a 28 jours
Marre 600
Marre 600 Il y a 28 jours
If cash woulda slowed his pace he woulda did way more
T Il y a 29 jours
Good lord jesser needs to hit the weights
Jansen Passmore
Jansen Passmore Il y a mois
Big gains
markiiiboooy Il y a mois
8:45 bro i swear James can't count bro tf
Qbert_ SyFy
Qbert_ SyFy Il y a mois
Bunch of white boys at awee
Flacotaco 97
Flacotaco 97 Il y a mois
been waiting to see a challenge like this blow up
KaiiNxtPlug _
KaiiNxtPlug _ Il y a mois
Jesser is a horrible spotter
TJ Blancato
TJ Blancato Il y a mois
I would clown this man in the gym 200 reps of bar
Madden Slayer615
Madden Slayer615 Il y a mois
angry carrot
angry carrot Il y a mois
Hey guys i dont see cashs gf anywhere in the videos, they are still together right?
AdonaiStillFresh Il y a mois
The way that jesser looks into the GoPro
Angry Turtle man
Angry Turtle man Il y a mois
Watching Cash and troydan since 2016 my favourite basketball FRfixrs
Rated Romeo
Rated Romeo Il y a mois
zack kept stopping and jssser didnt
Caleb Braswell
Caleb Braswell Il y a mois
Every video is special💀😂
G's World
G's World Il y a mois
If I post a video doing more than 200. Can I get PS5 too😁?
Mr.pepper Stings
Mr.pepper Stings Il y a mois
Cash really tried to make it to ten minutes with all that counting. HE HAS SOME BILLS TO PAY!
Svnkxn _!
Svnkxn _! Il y a mois
how tf can your biceps be red after bench pressing? it’s a chest tri and shoulder movement 🧐
Nick Harris
Nick Harris Il y a mois
The only reason I’m here is bc of cash
L Rich
L Rich Il y a mois
Tucker Guerrero
Tucker Guerrero Il y a mois
Bro whoever edited this video put one of their license plates in the vid
Pokemon King
Pokemon King Il y a mois
You leaked your number plat on your car
Jamm Crazy
Jamm Crazy Il y a mois
Yo cash, this video is filmed hella before cuss 🧡
Jake Gillespie
Jake Gillespie Il y a mois
Didn’t dry scoop? Cmon cash I didn’t know you were BETA
Matthew M
Matthew M Il y a mois
Mitchell was lowkey looking like Sharkboy from that angle
Adhem Musleh
Adhem Musleh Il y a mois
Where is mopy
Mauitime Mauitime
Mauitime Mauitime Il y a mois
Joey Ley
Joey Ley Il y a mois
Cash do be confident
Amjad 313
Amjad 313 Il y a mois
12:45 lol😂😭
Trilok Patel
Trilok Patel Il y a mois
Do everyones max we want to see how much jesser and everyone improved.
Alex Aghomon
Alex Aghomon Il y a mois
Damn 2hype actually this strong😲
Long Neck
Long Neck Il y a mois
Yo cash with everything going on with y’all right know just know we mess with you heavy, in 2hype or not
Jemxnt Il y a mois
Strucid _Combos
Strucid _Combos Il y a mois
How heavy the bar
Budski Il y a mois
Hi cash
Fran Jav
Fran Jav Il y a mois
You have to leave 2hype. It feels weird
Officialvonne Il y a mois
Cash a good hype man
Brandon Hall
Brandon Hall Il y a mois
Do an at home workout with no equipment
only LIGHT
only LIGHT Il y a mois
who here be for cash hit 4 mill
Joshua Puga
Joshua Puga Il y a mois
I meant to say a big Lebron James Fan.
Jay Ward
Jay Ward Il y a mois
Is it just me or does cash look like that one uncle that always wears too much cologne
シHEMI Il y a mois
This man cash faces bruh😂
Igor Novakovic
Igor Novakovic Il y a mois
Went to the gym today and did 600 reps of this :)
Longshot639 Il y a mois
Half reps lol, still good tho
TL Editzz
TL Editzz Il y a mois
Cashnasty when u leaving I’m excited to see it
Z Banks
Z Banks Il y a mois
7:38 editir cmon
Nicholas John
Nicholas John Il y a mois
Honestly Zack's wasn't as impressive as it seems cuz he was going fast using momentum by swinging, it's more impressive when its slow
Orange juice gaming YT
Orange juice gaming YT Il y a mois
Cash you inspire me I started working out cause of you.
LeanDamian _
LeanDamian _ Il y a mois
That editor finna be fired no cap
Rollins Plays
Rollins Plays Il y a mois
Kenny why aren’t you in Jessie’s vids no more
John O'Mara
John O'Mara Il y a mois
8:12 - 8:18 wtf Jesse doing
Im GoNE -.-
Im GoNE -.- Il y a mois
Keeep up the energy 2hype I know a lot of stuff happening but I will always support you guys
SpiceChoco Il y a mois
GG ENERGY just got mine :)
Noah Snow
Noah Snow Il y a mois
“Man that brotha starving”😂😂
Ryan Lewis
Ryan Lewis Il y a mois
half reps count as full?
Dane Hawkins
Dane Hawkins Il y a mois
Isn’t the bar supposed to hit their chest?
LushTuber Il y a mois
Kyle Dunfee
Kyle Dunfee Il y a mois
Bro y’all some bros for life. Y’all hell of good at supporting one another and pushing each other past y’all’s limits.... RESPECT ✊
LenardMGG Il y a mois
4 million otw
ttv_king165 Il y a mois
GG energy!
ttv_king165 Il y a mois
GG energy
Julian Keen
Julian Keen Il y a mois
Claim here before 50 years ticket
Christian Murphy
Christian Murphy Il y a mois
How much is gg energy
Parsons Christian
Parsons Christian Il y a mois
cash look at 9min and 8 sec
No name
No name Il y a mois
Damn I didn’t even see that good eye
Drake Lung
Drake Lung Il y a mois
It looks like cash has nitro in his veins
Jollymaster 111
Jollymaster 111 Il y a mois
What is the editor doing with the bler your fucking up the video
Jason Doyle
Jason Doyle Il y a mois
8:15 Jesser looks like that one 8 year old who knows more than you
Jason Doyle
Jason Doyle Il y a mois
Anyone else think they could totally beat Mitchell up, like not in a mean way tho
ForkzFN Il y a mois
No one: Zack: timte to try hard😈 Cash: I had to take the responsability😏🤝
Robbie Lawless
Robbie Lawless Il y a mois
Rip moopie
Brandt Menke
Brandt Menke Il y a mois
615 GODS
615 GODS Il y a mois
RJtwo6 Il y a mois
Can we give Cash a WashNasty!
ShakenBassoon 36
ShakenBassoon 36 Il y a mois
Cash for real my favorite in 2 Hype like cash just got the vibe you know
karn singh
karn singh Il y a mois
Korbyn Hoyt
Korbyn Hoyt Il y a mois
Cash go react to iballright how god created cashnasty his channel does how god created people
cromizome Il y a mois
Bro 8:46 why they just counting when hes not even getting the rep yet
cromizome Il y a mois
8:13-8:19 Jesser wtf u doing lmao
AJ AV3RY Il y a mois
Iballright is going to make a "When God Created CashNasty" you should react to it
Das Coo
Das Coo Il y a mois
go pro angle sus af
NoeyDA POO Il y a mois
And that grip was wide as
NoeyDA POO Il y a mois
Wtf were the first guys reps he only brought it down half the way
Kyrie Il y a mois
I like the form💀
Ethan Ghiea
Ethan Ghiea Il y a mois
king von and his goons watching moochie get 63 😳
Noah Chapman
Noah Chapman Il y a mois
Jesser said “yeahhh” when zack was lifting then the camera just looks at him and he goes from a big smile to just a blank frown
blixy Il y a mois
bro i know the whole tag number
Itz_ Peypey
Itz_ Peypey Il y a mois
cash really said “just think of the times you were depressed” lmfao
Ashy Larry
Ashy Larry Il y a mois
Curry actually works out alot what is he talking about?
Kenny Montero
Kenny Montero Il y a mois
Fire whoever edited this video.... doxxed bruh
Elliott Il y a mois
The editor rly couldn’t keep the car license censored lmao
Creed Brad
Creed Brad Il y a mois
You need to leave 2hype,it’s not your fault
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