My Most Expensive Holiday Sneaker Shopping Spree!

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Il y a mois

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Ryan's Motorsports
Ryan's Motorsports Il y a 5 jours
Ben & Jerry joints fire af 🔥
Lxcid_ Skiezzz
Lxcid_ Skiezzz Il y a 5 jours
cash the goat
Julian Medellin
Julian Medellin Il y a 6 jours
No yeezys! 👍✌
Julian Medellin
Julian Medellin Il y a 6 jours
danilo cisneros
danilo cisneros Il y a 11 jours
These shoes are 7/10
Dannyel G
Dannyel G Il y a 11 jours
those ben and jerrys look dumg ash on you boi look goofy af
Just Vending
Just Vending Il y a 11 jours
I like seeing what goes through his head when he buys sneakers
Slug Round 245
Slug Round 245 Il y a 14 jours
Ever since Kobe died cash been more hype abt Kobe shoes go back to 2015😭
Ray432hz Il y a 17 jours
patent leather XD
Ola Coker
Ola Coker Il y a 17 jours
This nigga really pointed the croc at us like we can smell it 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Rob Woria
Rob Woria Il y a 17 jours
sick charizards and kicks
Texlity Il y a 17 jours
Who was here at “ huned k okay👌”
Lakota McMillian
Lakota McMillian Il y a 18 jours
dude im sorry but your shoe taste is terrible
Juju H
Juju H Il y a 18 jours
is it weird that i smelled the chicken lol
Kainoa the Spear Diver
Kainoa the Spear Diver Il y a 18 jours
Camera mans comment when cash ask him what this shoe was. "Box from the Wish App." Lol
Mr. Washington
Mr. Washington Il y a 18 jours
I know this nigga Cash just didn't take those shoes out the dam oven
Norman Packard
Norman Packard Il y a 19 jours
Did ash and cash break up?
Lee Wolf
Lee Wolf Il y a 20 jours
Kiroppi Il y a 21 jour
Yow I don't see Cash's girlfriend anymore. They broke up or what?
Undefeated Seem
Undefeated Seem Il y a 22 jours
I started watching you because if your sneaker vlogs
Jay Gaming
Jay Gaming Il y a 23 jours
Camden Spangler
Camden Spangler Il y a 24 jours
And a youtuber
Willie Blevins
Willie Blevins Il y a 26 jours
The mocha 1's are there own shoe, and they're heat. If the Travis's weren't ever dropped they would be top tier
alvin jhay aganon
alvin jhay aganon Il y a 26 jours
Chunky dunk 🔥🔥🔥🤩🤩
Samuel Fagbewesa
Samuel Fagbewesa Il y a 27 jours
I will rate it 9/10
Treetribe915 Il y a 27 jours
Cool kicks background in the thumbnail lol
Tyler Garrettson
Tyler Garrettson Il y a 28 jours
The only member of 2Hype I will watch anymore
jase allenson
jase allenson Il y a 28 jours
Black and gold 1s are bricks
jase allenson
jase allenson Il y a 28 jours
Not a hypebeast but buys tbe b&Js
Queen_ Reignbow
Queen_ Reignbow Il y a 28 jours
G Millz
G Millz Il y a mois
Lot of mid on this stove lol.
Rail God
Rail God Il y a mois
Dude was smoking crack $1400 for a bgs 9 base set dark blastoise
TBJ. YT Il y a mois
CASH GOT MIDS?!?!? Nah bro they gotta go 😭
Alex Pina
Alex Pina Il y a mois
Straight up fire bro!!!! Did you sin cuz you straight up in hells fire bro!
John Saucedo
John Saucedo Il y a mois
Heat 🔥
Jordan Figueroa
Jordan Figueroa Il y a mois
Why does his right arm look bigger than his left 😂
Freedom Strength
Freedom Strength Il y a mois
@CashNasty I been doing the sneaker game since the 90’s had all the AJ when he was playing easy . I like Adidas Yeezy for comfortability style and the snug fit no hype beast over here been a fan of all sneakers!!!
Freedom Strength
Freedom Strength Il y a mois
Kem trails chemical they put in the atmosphere for people to breathe in be careful everything is not what it seems to be!!!!
ParkinGlass Il y a mois
Not gonna lie, Cash looking much better than the current James Harden👍👍
Cameron Murphy
Cameron Murphy Il y a mois
First it was myteam packs now its pokemon cash we family at this point
Jayden Mata
Jayden Mata Il y a mois
7:30 before he said that Ben & jerry was his favorite that ad pop up
ProBallerTV Il y a mois
TBS MAriaNI Il y a mois
I thought you were on Cool Kicks
kris waters
kris waters Il y a mois
Your videos are lit 💪🏽
aidan. cunningham
aidan. cunningham Il y a mois
Roha Eyassu
Roha Eyassu Il y a mois
1:19 who else tried smelling lmao
Zack Akerry
Zack Akerry Il y a mois
Deadass just noticed cash my size 10.5 bruh, send me that addy dawg
Minges 22
Minges 22 Il y a mois
Hey cash why your left arm look smaller than your right are lol jk
Cashout King
Cashout King Il y a mois
Cash n Kenny is filthy
C a
C a Il y a mois
Can you wear joggers wit 5s?
Tony Tubes 1v1
Tony Tubes 1v1 Il y a mois
Wait you bought those green Jordan's just to trade them for pokemon cards in the next video lol , you was better off getting your money back and buying cards
Jeremy Ekhator
Jeremy Ekhator Il y a mois
I love how u just told Jesse😂
Kimbly Evans
Kimbly Evans Il y a mois
This was on my. Cousin birthday
Kenneth Grim
Kenneth Grim Il y a mois
Ben & jerrys! Im about! Was in 3# luck! My dice 🎲 went cold! But u def. Brought the heat on them Grey jordens! Cash beast is a ledgend! Happy holidays!! Peace
Ivan Barrios
Ivan Barrios Il y a mois
Constant NBA
Constant NBA Il y a mois
The heat is 10 out of 10 and yo y’all gotta pin this now lol
Angel alvarez
Angel alvarez Il y a mois
Dude said they look better in person yet he was in the store where he literally just saw that damn shoe
Seak Wurdeng
Seak Wurdeng Il y a mois
Yoooooooo...nice picks..
crunchtime5150 Il y a mois
Them bloods looking like they debating robbing you after you shop lol you in Long Beach 2 stay dangerous bro
GaramendiCK31 Il y a mois
We need more sneaker videos cam. Fucks with this video heavy
Jason Villanueva
Jason Villanueva Il y a mois
Well, we know who cash got for secret Santa🤣🤣
Iver The Answer
Iver The Answer Il y a mois
buy some lebron cards man
DeBhris Il y a mois
Cash and Kenny my favorite duo
Luke Thurswell
Luke Thurswell Il y a mois
Cash is the best!!
Bovika Ayemi
Bovika Ayemi Il y a mois
Really like the SB dunk Nike an the last shoes awesome love it you do got a good taste on sneaker 😉
Frank Il y a mois
I've never seen a sky like that bro
Naji Gregory
Naji Gregory Il y a mois
Bro you wearing mid 1s once wrong with you 🤦🏽‍♂️
Danny Jones
Danny Jones Il y a mois
Cash I got a holographic mewtwo card I'll sell it to you I'm deadass
Ela Aras
Ela Aras Il y a mois
10 out of ten for everyone except for that galaxy looking one
Danny Jones
Danny Jones Il y a mois
Y'all beeeen spammming my IG at cash nasty and believeeeeeee me this is not a highly request video Yeh
Samaquino_ Il y a mois
I wish i could meet cash someday
andrew colella
andrew colella Il y a mois
yo much love my boy. i been watching you for a min. i see you been grindin man lets get a workout sesh in!!! hmu on IG! Splashington
Zachariah Hill
Zachariah Hill Il y a mois
Cash got heat 🥵🥵🔥yehhh
Demerius Mitchell
Demerius Mitchell Il y a mois
David Lomberius
David Lomberius Il y a mois
Are you giving it to the poor people where you living cause to be honest with mr nasty i don't care if buy them for your self
Spencer Blankenship
Spencer Blankenship Il y a mois
Anyone know the name of the sneaker store he went to?
Demon 15
Demon 15 Il y a mois
He Was Number One
He Was Number One Il y a mois
Them 14’s nasty
GotCakez 13
GotCakez 13 Il y a mois
if i knew pokemon cards go for that much i woulda saved a box stacked with them that i had from when i was like 10 😂
Kashaun Ramgeet
Kashaun Ramgeet Il y a mois
Need more sneaker vlogs fham
Fr1zzy L2
Fr1zzy L2 Il y a mois
That BMW
Jacob Ziko
Jacob Ziko Il y a mois
It’s some heat 8.5
Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee Il y a mois
Let’s play 1v1 ima be fan
Jacob Molinaro
Jacob Molinaro Il y a mois
Ppl that have yeezys r just hype beasts not true sneaker heads
Jacob Molinaro
Jacob Molinaro Il y a mois
This dude knows his stuff
YourTypicalMobileGamer 14
YourTypicalMobileGamer 14 Il y a mois
Tell me why I thought he was going to pull out the chicken crocs from the oven
Marvin Petion
Marvin Petion Il y a mois
Jesus loves you all❤️, allow him into your hearts
Marvin Petion
Marvin Petion Il y a mois
Jesus loves you all❤️, allow him into your heart
Marvin Petion
Marvin Petion Il y a mois
Jesus loves you all❤️, allow him into your hearts.
DMV redd
DMV redd Il y a mois
kenny da camera man now lame ahh nigga 😂
GOATed 2K Il y a mois
6 - Metallic Gold Jordan 1 Mid 5 - Black Gold Patent Leather Jordan 1 High 4 - Doernbecher 14 3 - Oregon 5 2 - Off-White Jordan 5 1 - Ben and Jerry SB Dunk
Isaiah Miller
Isaiah Miller Il y a mois
deestvens 18
deestvens 18 Il y a mois
tho's 14's 😍
MOBY F Il y a mois
This man think LA represent the whole Cali smh
jesse williams
jesse williams Il y a mois
my house burnt down watching this because of the heat.
STR_bodo Il y a mois
Honestly a 10/1o because the Ben and Jerry’s are just amazing. The off whites and Oregon are just beautiful. The 1’s are dope and dem Pokémon cards are 🔥🔥
Gregory Smart
Gregory Smart Il y a mois
That first one you buy have on bro is 💩🤢🤮💩💩💩💩💩💩 the rest is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 i love them
Taj242 Il y a mois
Yo what’s good everybody man just uploaded a fire first video make sure to stop by the channel
Anthony Moore
Anthony Moore Il y a mois
All heat 🔥🔥🔥
Kari Wrld
Kari Wrld Il y a mois
8:55 is it just me or is anyone else upset or cringed by the way cash just took his shoes off😭😭🤦🏾‍♂️
landonrivenbark Il y a 21 jour
I do the same thing he does lmaooooo
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