Last To Stop Jump Rope Wins $10,000 w/ 2HYPE!

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Il y a an

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Jack Steedley
Jack Steedley Il y a 18 jours
All these people saying who is watching on 2019 or 2020.... I’m watching in 2021
NSGXxbangsxX Il y a 5 mois
Who here in 2020🤔
Andre Franklin
Andre Franklin Il y a 5 mois
The last dude got cocky. He couldve won
BeAsT Il y a 6 mois
What a jokers
murus Il y a 7 mois
Lol I like how zack was the only one doing it right and cash was almost right
Charlie Peake
Charlie Peake Il y a 7 mois
Zack wasn’t even jumping
Grayson Il y a 8 mois
Look at the way cash jumps
CJ SOLIT Il y a 9 mois
Cash is going to NLE Choppa in round two
Chisangan Il y a 9 mois
I whose Promo code CASH in seekgeek
Jaiden Yee
Jaiden Yee Il y a an
We have found the next MrBeast
Harlan Sivapalan
Harlan Sivapalan Il y a an
Jesse was out at like 1 sec
Manny Buckz
Manny Buckz Il y a an
Then 4’s looking heavy cash
Tim Shorunke
Tim Shorunke Il y a an
Jesse jump roping is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day
Gaming with Quintin Thomas Quintin
Gaming with Quintin Thomas Quintin Il y a an
Why u give him a another chance
Tommy -_-
Tommy -_- Il y a an
Zack could have one if he wasnt showing off lol
Anthony Bakhit
Anthony Bakhit Il y a an
Christian Hines
Christian Hines Il y a an
Who else couldn't stop watching Cash's titties bounce
Worms Rumble Moments
Worms Rumble Moments Il y a an
Cash was jumping rope like a school girl, this shit was too funny
RaySlides Il y a an
I jump rope everday, i couldve won this
VSnxgz IDK
VSnxgz IDK Il y a an
Why Cash jump like a girl
Cattle_Rancher 2011
Cattle_Rancher 2011 Il y a an
When I was in elementary school, like 6 years ago we did jump rope contest to see who can jump rope the longest between all of the 2-5 graders and a kid jump roped for like 1 hr 15 minutes and like 25 seconds!!
Jaden Mack
Jaden Mack Il y a an
We want it we just haven’t earned it yet
Rhett Lodahl
Rhett Lodahl Il y a an
When mopi fell I died “ YoU LiKe ThAt”
Anna Il y a an
Yes cash more with 2hype yes very entertaining with 2hype
Omar Taylor
Omar Taylor Il y a an
Why am i just getting this notification
kdbeast 23
kdbeast 23 Il y a an
Jesse looks dumb jumproping
Lycanicナ Il y a an
No offense but like jesser and jiedel is the most unathletic siblings 😂
Darnell Williams
Darnell Williams Il y a an
Stop trying to be like Mr.Beast cus you cant
Christian Rogers
Christian Rogers Il y a an
Ok Darnell
Avery Il y a an
cashs is moving his forearms and zach is moving his wrist. by only moving your wrist your arms won’t get as tired and will create more speed and consistency
Luke Giroux
Luke Giroux Il y a an
Zach looks like it was not even going a Around him
glo Il y a an
Jiedels time is how long he lasts in play
Nimra A
Nimra A Il y a an
Zack littery tap dancing.
Tyler S
Tyler S Il y a an
These guys don’t know how to skip for shit
Price Parent
Price Parent Il y a an
Jesse and James to thicc for that shit💀
Jayla Daniels
Jayla Daniels Il y a an
Why does cash keep doing these exercises challenges? He already knows he’s most likely gonna win lol!!
Chris Bowman
Chris Bowman Il y a an
Mr beast wants royalty for this video
Tsunami Kid
Tsunami Kid Il y a an
I was rewatching flight vids that you did and I wanted to say that if those videos weren’t scripted then he must be a elementary dropout
Big booty Aj
Big booty Aj Il y a an
Wassup guys And I love you cash no homo
Levi Jordan
Levi Jordan Il y a an
Code cash da best
Marcus Cofield jr
Marcus Cofield jr Il y a an
Dang cash idk is this the shortest video you ever did not tryna hate but dang
LilBigRig Il y a an
2:10 any one else wonder which way zack was swinging the rope?
Dr. Mike
Dr. Mike Il y a an
4:34 loooool i cant 😂😂😂😂
Dylan Sutton
Dylan Sutton Il y a an
“Who’s watching in 2020”
Clayton Flenoid
Clayton Flenoid Il y a an
Zack a G
Serenity Weathersby
Serenity Weathersby Il y a an
Cash make a music video
J B Il y a an
2HYPE is the best group channel like all of yall are gyoat Greatest youtuber of all time
Mohammed Aka Mody-mr-no
Mohammed Aka Mody-mr-no Il y a an
I wanna see lostnbound and flight 1v1
The kid J _
The kid J _ Il y a an
Please read this say this next time you react to flight (BALLS IS LIFE..)every one please like to get this seen
KIDD vON Il y a an
Yo where Ash??
Supercooleric123 -
Supercooleric123 - Il y a an
Yo who’s watching this in 2020
Smash DD03
Smash DD03 Il y a an
Why Jesse jump like that
memo Ordonez
memo Ordonez Il y a an
Bro before all your videos just say Mr. beast was the inspiration of this video shout out to him go check him out. that’s it
India Brown
India Brown Il y a an
Let's go Zack
India Brown
India Brown Il y a an
Dorian Gardner
Dorian Gardner Il y a an
why dont u guys give back to the people instead of each other? u guys just repeatedly give money back to each other and everyone in 2 hype does challenges where they give money away.
Exopolity Il y a an
This is a decade old
Liam D
Liam D Il y a an
ok i would have come in 3rd come on that’s just sad but keep up the good work
Mopi is nice he got all the tricks down
comments for days
comments for days Il y a an
BandmanX Il y a an
0:57 off-white???? Ok cash
MK Haiku
MK Haiku Il y a an
Mr. beast 👀
Sir E
Sir E Il y a an
Who's watching in 2020 while laughing at the "who's here in 2019" comments
_____R¡ZN Il y a an
stop trying to be like MR. BEAST
That Kid MrPerfect
That Kid MrPerfect Il y a an
Happy New Year 🎉❤️🙏🏻
Yunus Shaik
Yunus Shaik Il y a an
Awhis watchin in 2020
tonoa ahfa
tonoa ahfa Il y a an
Cash looked like he gonna die 😂😂😂
money tyreace
money tyreace Il y a an
Mopi was doing a madness with the tricks
money tyreace
money tyreace Il y a an
Zack don't even look like he jumping how you get that good
The2kgoat Vlogs
The2kgoat Vlogs Il y a an
I need to work out with you
The2kgoat Vlogs
The2kgoat Vlogs Il y a an
Nicolas Arroyo
Nicolas Arroyo Il y a an
This man should start a fitness channel.. "Cash Fitness"
Christopher Alvarez
Christopher Alvarez Il y a an
Who is watching in 2019. I travelled back in time
Demitrius Smith
Demitrius Smith Il y a an
Zack was straight up stunting on Cash. And he was going way faster too. He should have won
Elijah Farrah
Elijah Farrah Il y a an
first day of 2020
Thomas Burr
Thomas Burr Il y a an
Your not mr beast. Chill
TAYELD 71 Il y a an
Lafy Il y a an
Aren’t you in the 2 hype ?
qavincii Il y a an
Yo what happened to jesser
strayhav3n Il y a an
Like here for a 2Hype 5 Second Rules Game! 👍
Shmigoz Il y a an
Where his 10k at cash
Vinicius Carvalho
Vinicius Carvalho Il y a an
Cash's technique is not optimal. He's jumping too high, you're to supposed to have just enough space for the rope to pass, just like Zack was doing.
Chris Rawlings
Chris Rawlings Il y a an
Undarated Lor chris🔥🔥🔥2019
Ya Boy Brettie
Ya Boy Brettie Il y a an
The reason Jesser and James suck at jump roping is because their arms are too far out while they’re doing it.
Christian Walker
Christian Walker Il y a an
When cash said best out of 3 in my head I was thinking is that flight😂
Spencer Brooks
Spencer Brooks Il y a an
Bro you love giving money shiiiiit I’ll jump rope for 2 minutes easy
Gwendolyn McCollough
Gwendolyn McCollough Il y a an
Mopi did the most 💀
Meditative Daj
Meditative Daj Il y a an
I feel like it’s no point to have these contestants because most of them have FRfix’s and it’s not like they need the 10k. Now a vid with contestants tht do is something different. Not hating just constructive criticism.
Blair Zhou
Blair Zhou Il y a an
3:08 zack lost because he was getting cocky
renzii Il y a an
Can’t wait for all The Who here’s in 2020 kids
Matt C9
Matt C9 Il y a an
Zack barely jumping , try hard
Pernell Parker
Pernell Parker Il y a an
ZEKZツ Il y a an
Zach is the biggest tryhard
Roberto Ocasio
Roberto Ocasio Il y a an
Men I love this challenge
shutupnyel Il y a an
Mr Beast 3000
InfiniteCaliber Il y a an
Zack and cash basically twins anyway
TreAH Il y a an
Cash jump hard
Alym Kurji
Alym Kurji Il y a an
cash did this is jordans
PlatinumState Il y a an
Zack doesnt even look like hes jumping bruh
Dean Dog
Dean Dog Il y a an
Cash was jumping like he wanted his Christmas presents early
Dean Dog
Dean Dog Il y a an
Y does cash look like Patrick Beverly
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