Highest Vertical Jump Test w/ Flight & Deestroying!

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Il y a 4 mois

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CashNasty Il y a 4 mois
Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @Manscaped with code CASH20 at → mnscpd.com/CASH Your balls will thank you 😉
The Actual Panda
The Actual Panda Il y a 6 jours
Jacob Moore
Jacob Moore Il y a mois
Dashawn Jones
Dashawn Jones Il y a mois
GreenupSway Il y a 2 mois
Xay Bandz
Xay Bandz Il y a 3 mois
Can I get your autograph
Zachary Zavala
Zachary Zavala Il y a jour
* Boing *
Nate Cerimagic
Nate Cerimagic Il y a jour
I love how flight was proud of 7 on the run when you doing 10 with no running and your shorter 😂
Jake Bullinger
Jake Bullinger Il y a 3 jours
How did this fool make this a 22 minute video
Mr. Goatified
Mr. Goatified Il y a 4 jours
Destroying should be catching lobs ngl 😂
Josiah Il y a 4 jours
i wanna see deestroying dunk
jeune_ jedi
jeune_ jedi Il y a 5 jours
did u know dexton crutchfield he had a 63 inches of vertical jump
Tony H. Lin
Tony H. Lin Il y a 5 jours
cash really comparing stretching length when he wearing lebron 16s bruh
Javi Jrcr7
Javi Jrcr7 Il y a 5 jours
I hate the guy doing the testing
Luke popelka
Luke popelka Il y a 5 jours
Flight.exe has stopped working 8:32
Anonymous Il y a 6 jours
yo why my boy cash nasty sound like Chris rock in his sponsor ship thou im dead
Ace Il y a 12 jours
Bruh that dude talking ab the vertical doesnt know wtf he is talking ab
Wxrldy- Il y a 12 jours
Les goo these r my three fav you tubers an they doin a vid together
Dr. Caesar
Dr. Caesar Il y a 13 jours
flight tall for nothing
EvanHara 06
EvanHara 06 Il y a 13 jours
Justin Nimocks
Justin Nimocks Il y a 13 jours
juice da kid
juice da kid Il y a 14 jours
I was finna say how was that not a 10
Eric Grounds
Eric Grounds Il y a 14 jours
FRfixrs --> 3 , Combined Hooper subscriptions from all three, 8 million. Actually how many FRfixrs that post basketball videos and can actually dunk... ZERO.
Jules Il y a 14 jours
The picture for flight got me crying
Gainzz Il y a 16 jours
like if flight a giraffe but flight still a goat\\
Brady Wagor
Brady Wagor Il y a 17 jours
Cash didn’t swing his arms at all bro
Tunca Berk Yeke
Tunca Berk Yeke Il y a 17 jours
u gotta love to see their friendship 🤪
The trio 3
The trio 3 Il y a 18 jours
Flight is zooted🚬🌿
mark miniard
mark miniard Il y a 20 jours
What’s with those little baby steps flight be doing tho ???!!!
Aminu Abdullahi
Aminu Abdullahi Il y a 21 jour
If flight took one month off weed bruh and just ran a 100m everyday he’d dog this💀 man just got no rhythm
Jaybie Salgado
Jaybie Salgado Il y a 21 jour
Cash you should leave 2hype you too good for 2hype
MTN DRAGON Il y a 21 jour
Flight looks like a off brand brandon ingran
Lois Fernandez
Lois Fernandez Il y a 22 jours
I got this vertical jump plan for my brother who is a sports nut and wants to improve his vertical jump. He loves it and has found superb results following this programme. He is not a reader, but he became one after finding out the potency of this book. I discovered this jump guide by Google. It’s Julian Jumρosen all the best
Ryder Bass
Ryder Bass Il y a 22 jours
Dee ain’t human bruh
Its Unculs
Its Unculs Il y a 23 jours
Doing it all wrong. Supposed to measure your standing reach and minus that from what you jump to reach. Idk who the dummy in the back ground is but he ain’t know shit lol
Jorge Otero
Jorge Otero Il y a 23 jours
If deestroying had better ball handling, he would be a perfect point guard.
Carl Basco
Carl Basco Il y a 24 jours
Im an athlete -Flight
EziSmack Il y a 25 jours
Everybody gangsta till Jones Jr. pulls up 😱
joseph Franco
joseph Franco Il y a 26 jours
Flight is the black Version of white man can’t jump
FlightReacts Il y a 26 jours
12:58 "He cant finesse a finesser" 🤣🤣
Youtube Gamer
Youtube Gamer Il y a 27 jours
If flight didn't stutter step he would get higher
King Smokey
King Smokey Il y a 29 jours
Flight is funny af man😂
The Don
The Don Il y a mois
lol how can you not like Flight. Even when he lose he win. OMG Dee jumped over that thing omg
MHBoomer 101
MHBoomer 101 Il y a mois
Dude flight isn’t a hoop or hooper he’s a er
Zesty Lemon
Zesty Lemon Il y a mois
Loved this dude u great
Not Montrel
Not Montrel Il y a mois
Destroying needs to start saying ten toes up
Carlthyn Manu
Carlthyn Manu Il y a mois
Flight would have done well if he sprinted well
Donte Effinger
Donte Effinger Il y a mois
No cap
baller hooper
baller hooper Il y a mois
You know if he left football for basketball we know he was worst ER
Sugma Balls
Sugma Balls Il y a mois
flight can’t jump cuz he wearing the 7s
Snowdenboi 843
Snowdenboi 843 Il y a mois
That boi an elevator lol
Hamilton Arraou
Hamilton Arraou Il y a mois
The stupid commission fascinatingly embarrass because stone cosmetically consist lest a fresh receipt. grouchy, hanging engineer
Uhh Cool story
Uhh Cool story Il y a mois
3:18 OMG Y’all don’t know how to test a vert then don’t do a vid on it please lmao. Y’all have to measure yalls reach and however high you touch you subtract your reach to how high you touched. Flights very is mid to high 20s
Uhh Cool story
Uhh Cool story Il y a mois
Hell nah 1:00 if your 5’10 you need at least a 30-32 inch vert
Dre ASMR Baker
Dre ASMR Baker Il y a mois
Destroy going to be like Tyrekk hill Juping
Neyfuu Il y a mois
Cash looks like he weights 1000
Blake Hudson
Blake Hudson Il y a mois
You guys didn't even do this right😂
e vs j gg
e vs j gg Il y a mois
Sexy Girl
Sexy Girl Il y a mois
The plucky lift inherently flow because museum rapidly land amongst a spiteful vise. awesome, vivacious brow
SauciiTommy Il y a mois
Cash was squatting when he did stand vert
TooSaucyX- Il y a mois
Nah bro if destroying had been like 6’3 like flight and long arms hes gonna touch literally 15 feet no 🧢
oliver part
oliver part Il y a mois
Cash you shoud use Manscaped
ooppay Il y a mois
how his name flight and jumps the lowest
Julian Gonzalez
Julian Gonzalez Il y a mois
Bro the way cashnnasty shaved those hairy balls tho 😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
WhoKnowsKhi Il y a mois
Flight- I dunked on Shaq before, I just didn’t have the cameras on
gift. gig Gilberto
gift. gig Gilberto Il y a mois
This was a great video Cash, I really enjoyed it!
FRANSKI Il y a mois
Flight know damn well he aint 6.3
david seney
david seney Il y a mois
Y’all need too redo this but the right way... measure standing reach and you jump until you can’t go no higher , you don’t keep the low ones there.
King Smoove
King Smoove Il y a mois
dat boy D was in sunday school w me, now he a goat. that’s all
Danny Holmes
Danny Holmes Il y a mois
19:10 I swear deestroying double jumped like in super Mario bros
Ilyas Bouchenafa
Ilyas Bouchenafa Il y a mois
Destrowyer fr double jumped
Mohamed Rayen Bouzid
Mohamed Rayen Bouzid Il y a mois
5:30 they mad 24 8 rip kobe
steve28292829 Il y a mois
Thanks to this guide, I was able to increase my vertical jump and I can almost dunk. I`ve always wanted to better at basketball. This vertical jump program comes with a useful explanation of the biomechanics behind your vertical jump and a beneficial workout plan regarding how to jump higher. It is not hard to find this jump program on Google. The jump program is Julian Jumρosen Best luck
Theodore Gomes
Theodore Gomes Il y a mois
Many thanks for this vertical jump program, in only 2 weeks I could dunk it very easily with 2 hands! Which means this program actually works! I am becoming among the finest big man athlete on my team just like a mini Blake Griffin. It is not hard to find this jump guidebook by Google. Its name is Julian Jumρosen With thanks
Jamieon Miller
Jamieon Miller Il y a mois
Yo I said 10 for dee and he got it wow
Combo Saucy
Combo Saucy Il y a mois
Deestroying was floating
Xerny Il y a mois
Flight Finnia say: I got drafted to the NBA when the cameras were off
Jack Howard
Jack Howard Il y a mois
Jack Howard
Jack Howard Il y a mois
Dallas Drap76
Dallas Drap76 Il y a mois
An underrated squad
Bebe Humphrey
Bebe Humphrey Il y a mois
Them was nasty
CrackedPanda Il y a mois
Why Dosent flight try to dunk💀
Trevion Smarr
Trevion Smarr Il y a mois
Cash you could have got higher if you had more arm swing with your jump
I AM_ BD Il y a mois
I can’t stand flights picture on the bottom left bro 😂😂😂
Davon Riley
Davon Riley Il y a mois
Deestroy got hops
Amon Gardner
Amon Gardner Il y a mois
VIBEZ 32 gang
VIBEZ 32 gang Il y a mois
Destroying vert is crazy
Miami McDowell
Miami McDowell Il y a 2 mois
If flight run lol he fast walking into d jump
_Harry cox
_Harry cox Il y a 2 mois
My guy was giving the kiwi a shave tho
COLTON HENRY Il y a 2 mois
Man destroying has a 40 inch running vert 💤💤
Shinobi Il y a 2 mois
Bro deestroying is like Isiah Thomas but can dunk
F B I Il y a 2 mois
11:03 flight is getting flash backs
Santi O
Santi O Il y a 2 mois
take care flight here comes AKUMPO!!!
Hmmm K
Hmmm K Il y a 2 mois
Bruh who would buy manscaped😂
Deon Thomas
Deon Thomas Il y a 2 mois
Destroying is a kicker. Your legs should be stronger than theirs. Lol
Lil Frozz Topic
Lil Frozz Topic Il y a 2 mois
Let's get this to 2k hype for 2k21
PDub Games
PDub Games Il y a 2 mois
“Low key shut the heck up flight”
Robin Gioldasis
Robin Gioldasis Il y a 2 mois
Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes Il y a 2 mois
8:15 Cash: He dunked he just didn’t have the cameras on 😂
Devon Baskin
Devon Baskin Il y a 2 mois
flight lagged out
JustDenzelJ Il y a 2 mois
Its not that cash’s stand vert is short its just that his technique is shit. He squats too far down
M Blizzy
M Blizzy Il y a 2 mois
How tf you gunna make a whole video on verticals and not even set up the drill correctly? You’re supposed to measure your max reach while standing then you just subtract that number from your max jump height. Smh bruh🤦🏻‍♂️ youtube is literally your job. It’s not hard to do a quick google account f you’re not sure.
MaximilianMus Il y a 2 mois
Get Dexton crutchfield on this channel he is 5,8 and can get his head to touch the rim.
Jorge Alberto Bernardino
Jorge Alberto Bernardino Il y a 2 mois
8:21 where flight was focusing killed me 😭
Sky_ 6777
Sky_ 6777 Il y a 2 mois
Flight: im being nice i would have gave it a 1 😂
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