Working Out With The World's Youngest Bodybuilder Kid Tristyn Lee! Chest Day!

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Il y a 3 mois

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CashNasty Il y a 3 mois
Have a good week =D
Wells Fun House
Wells Fun House Il y a 9 jours
I take it back... he's stronger than me lol.... no cap... no hate lol
James Jacobs
James Jacobs Il y a 26 jours
CashNasty You rock being ripped out the gym Il y a mois
Nah I’m good
Michael Pun
Michael Pun Il y a mois
That’s right Lebron is already the GOAT right now.
Roosevelt Mattiex
Roosevelt Mattiex Il y a 2 mois
Cash what up
ツsab_zay Il y a 2 heures
hit that 5m subs :)
Tonsel Lide
Tonsel Lide Il y a 4 heures
Everybody in that gym is super human 😂
bloccbaby dre
bloccbaby dre Il y a 10 heures
4 MILLION 🧘🏽‍♂️💙
Eliandy Niebla
Eliandy Niebla Il y a 3 jours
Who saw Arnold’s son? 7:44 in the back 8:35 posing
Jaiveer Singh
Jaiveer Singh Il y a 6 jours
cashs arms in the thumbnail💀
Aryan Tate
Aryan Tate Il y a 7 jours
the proverb :- "there is always an asian........"
mlyniecm Il y a 8 jours
Dudes on gear
Beat Sneakers
Beat Sneakers Il y a 9 jours
The kid looks like 9
Wells Fun House
Wells Fun House Il y a 9 jours
That kid is ripped up like an old t-shirt lol... shredded
Wells Fun House
Wells Fun House Il y a 9 jours
He's getting em easy though lol
Wells Fun House
Wells Fun House Il y a 9 jours
This kid is strong as me.... and I'm 250lbs lol....
bobby jeff
bobby jeff Il y a 10 jours
the tesla just cruzing in the back
Nick 1997
Nick 1997 Il y a 14 jours
This kid takes steroids
Jordan Krych
Jordan Krych Il y a 19 jours
Thumbnail fucking awful
Isaac a-m
Isaac a-m Il y a 21 jour
I can't be the only one looking at the girl in the back 😭
JD Tv Il y a 22 jours
Dude strong but not going all the way down doing lil T. rex reps at the beginning cash going all the way down
Jake Hintz
Jake Hintz Il y a 25 jours
How many times did he say,”man” in the 3 minutes
craz 911
craz 911 Il y a 25 jours
Everybody in the gym is ripped, even the camera man. I wouldnt belong in that gym, I'm gonna head out to planet fitness.
Dennis Fernandez
Dennis Fernandez Il y a 28 jours
lil arnold has an advantage because his arms are shorter
ICEE ICEE Il y a mois
nice vid
Cesarxxgomez Il y a mois
POV your looking in the comments to see how old he is
Thomas Colglazier
Thomas Colglazier Il y a mois
I love how brad comes in at the end. Guess he got done selling his drugs early.
CART3R Il y a mois
Why he photoshop his arms in every thumbnail
jaybee Il y a mois
tristyn the real life baki
Yezirmemes Il y a mois
5:53 yooooooo
Silent Whisper
Silent Whisper Il y a mois
This is the kinda gym id walk in feeling like im abt to do something, see all these dudes ripped, and just walk out...
Thicc Kevin
Thicc Kevin Il y a mois
lmao, ima just go to planet fitness or some shit
elijah landeros
elijah landeros Il y a mois
23:30-23:50 them dudes in the back had some beef 😂
xI_MaziKeen_Ix Il y a mois
Kids Don't do Drugs
yerxy Il y a mois
Cash makes hella racist comment being a black dude is easy asf talking about injustice
Austin Jones
Austin Jones Il y a mois
When I looked at the vid I thought covid was over
A P Il y a mois
You know you made it out of the hood when you can just leave your gucci backpack in your car lmao
All Star3K stepson :l
All Star3K stepson :l Il y a mois
He is not the word youngest i’ve seen kids he is a teen
Jalenciaga Il y a mois
No natty
LUKEDOGS Il y a mois
Ay... anyone know what shoes Cashnasty has on?
Jamm Crazy
Jamm Crazy Il y a mois
Yo cash, he's a body builder mann !
Rohan Golani
Rohan Golani Il y a mois
The sloppy cardigan directly applaud because beast disturbingly carve without a rebel confirmation. like, aboard station
William Devine
William Devine Il y a mois
I’m a bodybuilder at 13
Athan Josh Cerezo
Athan Josh Cerezo Il y a mois
lee dont have any armpit hair?????
Braeden Archuleta
Braeden Archuleta Il y a mois
Why does he have a belt doing presses ? makes no sense
memo Ordonez
memo Ordonez Il y a mois
First off he’s ain’t no damn kid he’s 18 and he’s never competed and
SomeNiceDude Il y a mois
Cash and Tristyn were like goku and Vegeta training for next fight
Nollen Polley
Nollen Polley Il y a mois
No way this kid is 18
Michael Pun
Michael Pun Il y a mois
He’s lean cause he’s on the carnivore diet and of course that special sauce haha
Gardner Dunn
Gardner Dunn Il y a mois
It’s the women standing in the back the whole time for me
Ellijah Dorceus
Ellijah Dorceus Il y a mois
The tumb nail bro
R C Il y a mois
I never seen a dog in a gym 😂
BioKrisis Il y a mois
Only one guy I seen with a mask on in there 🤔
B.A. Il y a mois
Your biceps on the pic tho. 🧢
Keith Jackson
Keith Jackson Il y a mois
Is that healthy for that lil guy to be pumping iron like that ???
DJStarno1 Il y a mois
Hes stronger then me but its kinda all for show
LilN1N0 Il y a mois
Don’t matter how much muscle you got. 5 lbs to the chin you out cold
Stove Guy
Stove Guy Il y a mois
Yo still short
Lincoln Nave
Lincoln Nave Il y a mois
That’s a lot of volume
David pineda
David pineda Il y a mois
Dude WEAR A MASK BRO. Because of you we are on lockdown and the Covid cases are rising
xZavior Official
xZavior Official Il y a mois
i need to get back into gym
Plasma_Nep Il y a mois
Anybody wanna tell me why Tristyn looks mor ripped than cash in the thumbnail??😂 No hate or nun towards cash tho he one of my fav youtubers
Geoffrey Yuan
Geoffrey Yuan Il y a mois
lmaoo you guys are working out and beside you a bunch of guys are just checking themselves out in the mirror
Wavyy Jayy
Wavyy Jayy Il y a mois
Idk if u guys watch anime but dude looks like a real life baki hanma
Logo Zervos
Logo Zervos Il y a mois
The Lonzo clip hits every time 😂
Basketball Player
Basketball Player Il y a mois
He’s literally a grown man
Cardien Il y a mois
Even the name sounds like a whole beast
Contreras Thomas
Contreras Thomas Il y a mois
mane you funny asf bra...lmao
soulvids Il y a mois
I guess it’s true about lifting weights stunting your growth
adolfo robles
adolfo robles Il y a mois
kids stronger than u hahah
乙єєк꧂ Il y a mois
Tristyn lee just uses steroids it was proven
PopeDaDope _18
PopeDaDope _18 Il y a mois
let’s count how many times he said man😭
AJ Il y a mois
Nice steroids bro👍
planet game
planet game Il y a mois
the kid is my favorite natural bodybuilder!
Panda One
Panda One Il y a mois
Stunts your growth though, dudes gonna be short forever but least he’s ripped
Malik Il y a mois
lifting doesn’t stunt your growth
Inna Tsyferova
Inna Tsyferova Il y a mois
Hey fellas! Sorry for the lack of uploads this week. I’m preparing to go absolutely crazy in December! JSRMAS IS COMING
5langin Il y a mois
Try working out with Aaron Donald
Kinghulk21 Il y a mois
Edwin Pitre
Edwin Pitre Il y a mois
That man got midget arms 😭😭
MoeCamera Il y a mois
Man man man man man man
Mai Nguyen
Mai Nguyen Il y a mois
Kid? Nah he’s 18 bro wtf
Austin Bae
Austin Bae Il y a mois
Big ups to tristyn man, he got them alien shoulders fr lol
DripClutch Il y a mois
Bro he Fs on roids he can’t be built like that there’s grown men tryna get like that 24/7 ain’t no way he can get like that
Sam Z
Sam Z Il y a mois
Cancel culture bro
Ice Il y a mois
The kids wingspan is super short
Michael Hill
Michael Hill Il y a mois
Tha girl In back on 7:30 wanted clout like a mother father
Chuck B
Chuck B Il y a mois
Whenever you say or write the WOLDS...anything, you make yourself sound like a fool. Do you know how big and how many people there are in the world? There is no possibility of knowing who the worlds anything is!!
DieSan Il y a mois
Lol like the photoshop
Kurtis Curtis
Kurtis Curtis Il y a mois
When you said he can’t Mitch match socks 🧦 and shoes almost all white dudes do that and they get away without matching colors only us niggas have to match
Castillo Mail
Castillo Mail Il y a mois
Dude for a sec I thought the thumbnail was real but idk but after looking at it it looked like photoshop
john neth
john neth Il y a mois
Im not tryin to say shit but is kid on roids
Jay Billzerian
Jay Billzerian Il y a 2 mois
Buff children are wierd
Hayden Hochstrasser
Hayden Hochstrasser Il y a 2 mois
The kid goes down 3 inches on his dumbbell presses
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Il y a 2 mois
every youtuber thinks this guy strong LOL Get someone actualy competive
RaMoN Il y a 2 mois
Those Roids go crazy
spitta gettin dollaz
spitta gettin dollaz Il y a 2 mois
Check me out g
Bigstepper Il y a 2 mois
this lil boy got the shortest arms I everrr seen
Colton Ocetnik
Colton Ocetnik Il y a 2 mois
How many times can’t you count cash saying “man” 😂
Al Rifky Prayoga Putra
Al Rifky Prayoga Putra Il y a 2 mois
Yo kenny. Wtf just happen with u :(
Zuul Il y a 2 mois
Bro imagine trying to fight him and he has a long sleeve shirt on you're thinking ahh this goona be easy then he take his shirt off then you gotta 🏃‍♂️💨
Piano Man
Piano Man Il y a 2 mois
Imagine photoshopping your arms in the back humbnail
SilverBashSpam Il y a 2 mois
Um why is there a dog in the gym at 10:58😂 wtf
I play Video games For fun
I play Video games For fun Il y a 2 mois
The only thing that is different from flight vs a kid and cash vs Tristyn lee is flight thought it was and actual challenge
Ronnie Dunn
Ronnie Dunn Il y a 2 mois
God damn every body and they mama built Ford tough in that shit
Barns bustillos
Barns bustillos Il y a 2 mois
Nice photoshop lmao why.....If you got the gains you got it,if you don’t you don’t
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