Hang On The Bar In The Gym For 100 Seconds Win The Playstation 5!

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Il y a 2 mois

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I receive commission from purchases made through this link:
Use code CASH for 10% off your order!
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CashNasty Il y a 2 mois
How long yall think yall would last?
Papi Dingo
Papi Dingo Il y a 7 jours
Cash that dude got it cause of the powder
yon Il y a 19 jours
5 seconds
Zeix Bruh
Zeix Bruh Il y a 27 jours
3 years I’m built different
Conflicts Il y a mois
100 seconds... if we video it can we get that ps5 in the mail😏
Christopher Diaz
Christopher Diaz Il y a mois
I've lasted 80 doing this but I had strict rules I couldn't re grip or cross my legs n I had to hold the par a certain way without being able to pull myself up either
Leoneill Cedeno
Leoneill Cedeno Il y a 8 jours
Bernard TheOfficial Drummer
Bernard TheOfficial Drummer Il y a 14 jours
pngno31 Il y a 15 jours
The way you make it hard is find that rolling bar. Killer on your forearms
xinkspillx Il y a 20 jours
The guy who won - his friend knew what he was doing, chalk powder making it easier - international boys hustled for that PS5, lol
G Il y a 20 jours
HeyHeyIamYourFreind Il y a 21 jour
I did 2 min and 24 seconds first try :)
Muhammad Hashim
Muhammad Hashim Il y a 21 jour
I did 117 seconds last week🔥
Liam Live
Liam Live Il y a 21 jour
Liam Live
Liam Live Il y a 21 jour
BakaSenju Il y a 24 jours
Nigga use the grip powder smh
Forza Addict
Forza Addict Il y a 25 jours
Typically for those out door stands the bar can spin if that is what you wanted to do to make it harder
H J Il y a 26 jours
The ones who didn’t want to do the challenge got me mad 😂
Vue Vue
Vue Vue Il y a 27 jours
They should used the roll bar that make it even harder.
paul Il y a 27 jours
The bar gotta be free spinning
CHAPO HEMI Il y a 28 jours
Light work
Sanjar Karim
Sanjar Karim Il y a 28 jours
He was like “I want to shout out u” it’s his channel😂😂
Yeniel David Figueroa
Yeniel David Figueroa Il y a 28 jours
U guys u should wipe the bar every time cuz their might be sweat stunning their performance
mlyniecm Il y a 29 jours
Lol bro the car supposed to spin Kenny come on
Christian Deantuniano
Christian Deantuniano Il y a 29 jours
He used chalk, that is cheating
Joseph Loeffler
Joseph Loeffler Il y a 29 jours
16:15 my guy skipped leg day
Mark L
Mark L Il y a 29 jours
Also all the others on FRfix charge for people to try to win 100.00
Mark L
Mark L Il y a 29 jours
The challenge is supposed to be on a bar that spins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
redruM Il y a mois
dude wit blue hat def has substance problems lol
Zach Ihde
Zach Ihde Il y a mois
Dead hangs aren’t even hard
Erik Contreras
Erik Contreras Il y a mois
lol the challenge is with a spinning bar its easy like this. with he spinning bar you can't adjust your hands at all. I tried it 2 minutes on my channel
BigB Il y a mois
lol the real test has a spinning bar, on a normal bar that doesnt spin a lot of people can do that
Cody Bell
Cody Bell Il y a mois
I think I would make it to 70 seconds
Randheer Sookoo
Randheer Sookoo Il y a mois
I just wish youtubers in 2020 would get straight to the point
crayton rasmussen
crayton rasmussen Il y a mois
Cash did it first try man dudes jacked
Is this allowed to try it with false grip ?
JaCrispy219 R
JaCrispy219 R Il y a mois
For some of the people that were already lifting prior, their grip strength is compromised compared to someone who just got out of there car
lucas; Il y a mois
This is something Mr. Beast would do
Jawn .7118
Jawn .7118 Il y a mois
Cash heart was in his a** when the first guy tried
David Mendoza
David Mendoza Il y a mois
Happy for him
landen kelly
landen kelly Il y a mois
He prolly got that gym in trouble
Draze Gawd
Draze Gawd Il y a mois
I would of won that easy
Aaron F
Aaron F Il y a mois
Chill bro you’re supposed to be oppressed, how dare you be black and successful 😂
Rigby Il y a mois
Mr. 5.0
Mr. 5.0 Il y a mois
Easy money
TreyMusah Il y a mois
You usin the wrong bar cash😂
J Bombay
J Bombay Il y a mois
Ofcourse the one without a soul wins😂
guillaume .kerkove
guillaume .kerkove Il y a mois
Has to be a loose bar
Tommieee Il y a mois
I’ll do 2 mins for a ps5 ;)
Brad Libby
Brad Libby Il y a mois
The sad part here is some people think this is hard
Blam Bowder
Blam Bowder Il y a mois
Chris heria would never stop hanging😂
Hectic.Blast Il y a mois
His just acting he knows it's hard 😂
Chespi Il y a mois
No lie I tried this shit in my garage and I actually did it first try
Shinobi_Killz -YT
Shinobi_Killz -YT Il y a mois
Cash honestly gotta be the most humble and caring youtuber Before and after he got money like that , most youtuber just forget who they are and just brag
Patrick Rinaldi Ross
Patrick Rinaldi Ross Il y a mois
The one I did was on a rotating bar for 2mins! No readjusting and you can’t pull up at all, I did not make it. Crazy challenge though
MISO HUNGRY Il y a mois
you supposed to have a rigged bar. its supposed to spin
God1st Il y a mois
Doodz in Gymnastics: You mean SLEEP??🤷‍♂️
Scoovis Il y a mois
The bar needs to rotate btw
GaBoiGregG Il y a mois
I woulda had to bump it up to 120 lol
THeChickmagnet0031 Il y a mois
The bars supposed to rotate, thats why its not that hard...
2k01_Taha Il y a mois
Hahahaha dat nigga in da back smoking 😂😂😂😂 a fucking puff and he at da gum
Space Cat
Space Cat Il y a mois
Respect he made it 100 seconds!
Curtis Harvey
Curtis Harvey Il y a mois
100 I can
greentongueman Il y a mois
Axle rose is strong
myles mcilrath
myles mcilrath Il y a mois
hes at a gyum
The Amazig World of Gumball
The Amazig World of Gumball Il y a mois
i would last like 40, or 30 second
Pizza Baratheon
Pizza Baratheon Il y a mois
That guy in the blue hat has pne of the most punchable faces ive ever seen.
Tee Il y a mois
easiest ps5 ever. 100 secs like fr?? u coulda did atleast 200 secs or like 160
Lacy Nabors
Lacy Nabors Il y a mois
And my arm gets tired just holding my phone thanks for showing me up
Adrian Leos
Adrian Leos Il y a mois
My boy cash DONT give af abt the rona anymore. And you capping if you reply saying otherwise 🤣 my boy did the challenge in the video.
Ivan Dyer
Ivan Dyer Il y a mois
His feet touched the ground at exactly 1:39.95. Therefore, failed his challenge XD Check for yourself.
Sameer Rahman
Sameer Rahman Il y a mois
Obvs digital🤣
Skitz Waz
Skitz Waz Il y a mois
Someone tell me the Winner doesn't look like a BUFF Jesse Plemons (redhead bad guy from Breaking Bad)😂😂😂😂😂
Sweaty_bray 590
Sweaty_bray 590 Il y a mois
They think 100seconds is 1:40
Drew Camacho
Drew Camacho Il y a mois
Weird flex to start doing pull ups after 🤦🏻‍♂️
Jack Stewart
Jack Stewart Il y a mois
The dude to the left at 13:50 would do it easily
R_P Killing it
R_P Killing it Il y a mois
Yoooooo I’m ears are done for because of your screaming
mcbthird Il y a mois
I kinda feel like dude cheated
TTV_ refotsir
TTV_ refotsir Il y a mois
The ginger guy skips leg day lol
Mychal Mankin
Mychal Mankin Il y a mois
Yeah when it isn’t a “fixed” bar it is very rough cause adjusting your grip ends makes you slip even more as the bar rotates
AL Rpz
AL Rpz Il y a mois
It sounds easy but not😂
Sneepy peak
Sneepy peak Il y a mois
its easy
Brian Carter
Brian Carter Il y a mois
Bro if its a straight bar that really isn't hard. It's all about mindset. If it's a roll bar though that's near impossible.
Justin Garth
Justin Garth Il y a mois
We do this in high school I went 120
GARDr Il y a mois
100 seconds? Are you serious Thas all he have to do? childish lemme do 200 tf out here
nikko2thep Il y a mois
Shit, I can’t wait for the microwave for 100 seconds. Lmao
Carson Il y a mois
this has motivated me to go to the gym today in the hopes somebody is doing this giveaway
Sam Balaskas
Sam Balaskas Il y a mois
It’s not a stable bar in the carnival version. Those bars are able to freely rotate on bearings... that makes it exponentially harder than just any bar at the gym.
Chris Ruffin
Chris Ruffin Il y a mois
Cash didn't make it, he dropped like a millisecond too early lol
Chrisdayoungin Il y a mois
I tried this got it first try and ion even lift
Jose Guapo
Jose Guapo Il y a mois
Shorty in the blue shirt got a thumper 👀
Tkcire Il y a mois
This my gym lol wtf
Killa Josh
Killa Josh Il y a mois
Idc for that p5 I was digging deep and getting that thang
ROLEDEX Ham Il y a mois
Cash keeps on saying man for some reason lol
Leftist NPC
Leftist NPC Il y a mois
turns out Cash is crazy STRONG
Travz Il y a mois
I’m 12 and my record for holding on a bar is 117 seconds it’s east and I’m also a kid
Steading Il y a mois
Please shut up. If you don't know how to spell "easy" then don't brag.
Ronan houlihan
Ronan houlihan Il y a mois
It’s supposed to be a bar that can spin
J Mullig
J Mullig Il y a mois
If you gave me a ps5 for everytime you said bro I could give one to my whole bloodline
XxsnottytissuexX Oo
XxsnottytissuexX Oo Il y a mois
He stole this video idea from nick stmmonds🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Foo Farew
Foo Farew Il y a mois
These are called dead hangs, I practice them every other day, I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life, but I’ll never get it. XD
Ham Z
Ham Z Il y a mois
The real one spins
49ers Content
49ers Content Il y a mois
Ya should do this video but in the hood
Luis Angel
Luis Angel Il y a mois
It was supposed to be a spinning bar lmao
Constantin Schluifer
Constantin Schluifer Il y a 29 jours
It's a lot easier to hang 100 sec on the normal bar than on a spinning bar
Kalid Ibrahim
Kalid Ibrahim Il y a 29 jours
Yeah spinning bars makes it twice as hard but even then most people wont win anyways, its a profit game
FLORIDA-BOY Il y a mois
I’ll do that 100 and do 20 pull ups after lol
Rippya Il y a mois
Bro it’s gotta be a thick spinning bar
spencer dracula
spencer dracula Il y a mois
id do it for a 1000 seconds bro wtf
d Rodriguez
d Rodriguez Il y a mois
I think the trick to the dead hang is the bar needs to be rolling...they have those motherfuckers at Fort Benning and there are no fucking joke
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