Score On Santa, Win $100 vs The Hood!

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revxrtz Il y a 5 mois
I wasn’t expecting cash to clamp them kids like dat 😭
ChizzyTheKid Il y a 7 mois
This is when I started respecting his defense
Joseph Sanford
Joseph Sanford Il y a 7 mois
Clampus Claus is coming to town
Muzicsoulrhythm Il y a 7 mois
the camera guy I don't mind him narrating because he still is doing his job filmy getting good angles. and he's funny you're not just trolling. unlike some of flights camera dudes
JayGotRacks _
JayGotRacks _ Il y a 8 mois
MaManMax Il y a 9 mois
Man Cash i live in laffy bro, i need that 1 v 1.........
zaid niarfe
zaid niarfe Il y a 9 mois
4:02 isn’t that 😳 it can’t be if ykyk
Landon on Ipad
Landon on Ipad Il y a 10 mois
1v1 me for 100 dollars
Landon on Ipad
Landon on Ipad Il y a 10 mois
Shut up
Landon on Ipad
Landon on Ipad Il y a 10 mois
You wish
Aero Ross
Aero Ross Il y a 10 mois
4:12 this little moment just shows how Cash never forgets his roots and where he come from
hentai hero
hentai hero Il y a 10 mois
Aint that bonecollector
Jyotishko Koley
Jyotishko Koley Il y a 10 mois
5:05 the dude in the back said "that's a girl" im dead
Shinobi Mindset
Shinobi Mindset Il y a 10 mois
“Boy got a dandruff hook shot”
sm1ttysav Il y a 11 mois
He acrmtuakyy clamps
Gamer Blazey
Gamer Blazey Il y a 11 mois
Everybody Need A friend like Mal in they life
Aura Il y a an
2:56 thought this was bone collector ngl
PureCompetition Il y a an
Girard Park IS NOT the hood Cash STOP lmao Shit is literally on UL Campus between the North and South side bitch more on the South. STOP CAPPIN
Qua D
Qua D Il y a an
I didn’t know cash was from laffy, my family from out there
Demetri Morsell
Demetri Morsell Il y a an
Come to Maryland and see wassup
Roko Džidić
Roko Džidić Il y a an
I thought they would beat hem up and take the money
Daniel D Linton
Daniel D Linton Il y a an
Love this broo. 💪
Bossup King
Bossup King Il y a an
Good looking
RockDogginthehouse Il y a an
You not going up against nobody come see me
Haha haha Rui
Haha haha Rui Il y a an
Trump 2020
Tony Tv
Tony Tv Il y a an
Great Video
Mario Remondino
Mario Remondino Il y a an
Good shit!!! Luv it
Roc Opulence
Roc Opulence Il y a an
Cool 😎
Brenden Garcia
Brenden Garcia Il y a an
I never seen a court where the three point line is only four feet apart
Poniboi Shelluv
Poniboi Shelluv Il y a an
Ted Graham
Ted Graham Il y a an
Is it just me , but at the beginning when they are on the court , even. The o boy had a Santa outfit on! He look like the only one in the bunch that will rob you!
NauTau Jackson
NauTau Jackson Il y a an
Come to Dc on that bullshit imma take all ya money
Michael Morgan
Michael Morgan Il y a an
Man if he brung that shit to Flint this video would have been 2 minutes and cash gone lol
suave MB
suave MB Il y a an
That’s what’s up you’ll be blessed bro
sa'fraz Il y a an
come to new york id cook u
Sco Ho
Sco Ho Il y a an
Carter Mister
Carter Mister Il y a an
Everybody Welcome to the "REAL" Santa Claus!
True life Storys
True life Storys Il y a an
Good video glad I watched this one...🙏👌
Osama been Leanin
Osama been Leanin Il y a an
Cash nasty BLOCK PARTY.....that boy got hof block badge😂🤣😂🤣😂
Michael Osborn
Michael Osborn Il y a an
Get mugged. LOL
Michael Osborn
Michael Osborn Il y a an
Come Santa play an Angola Saxon
Reginald Sears
Reginald Sears Il y a an
Come to Dallas Texas we ball out here 💰💰💰💰💰
Dominique Williams
Dominique Williams Il y a an
Keep giving back bro your blessings will be unlimited 💯❤
Christopher Robles
Christopher Robles Il y a an
That was fun y’all be EZ now
Dirty Redd gray
Dirty Redd gray Il y a an
Good shit
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams Il y a an
I didn’t know Santa was black 😱
KHSTV Il y a an
Cash playing against washed up bums but it ain’t his fault F A X X X
J dub lr
J dub lr Il y a an
Real stuff for the hood i like that homie keep it up...
theultimatelibra21 Il y a an
East Harlem NYC baby!!! It’ll take a third of this video to get that. GUARANTEED!!! THIS AIN’T VENICE!!!! Real talk fam.... Way to come back to ur hood and show love to ur people. Straight up salute...
Jae Austin
Jae Austin Il y a an
Pull up at LA Fitness in BR 👀
Kenneth Pearson
Kenneth Pearson Il y a an
Real respect ✊🏿
Decades Il y a an
What part of Cali did you go to.. you would’ve dig a little deeper in them pockets.. we hoop out here
Famous Infamous
Famous Infamous Il y a an
"Applause" 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
P.O.E MESSENGA Il y a an
Great video Cash. 💯✌💙❤
Fifty Shades of Love
Fifty Shades of Love Il y a an
Is that all his money or something because that’s like 300 hundred dollars dang
JetPlane Valentine
JetPlane Valentine Il y a an
You cant compare the hood to Venice beach. Have you even took a trip to Compton, Long Beach, Watts etc to find a pick up game? You been playing at the beach bro...
Archival Martinez
Archival Martinez Il y a an
I’m surprised they didn’t take yo money without even trying to even play
Teo barajas
Teo barajas Il y a an
Cash play like this when u play flight and 2 hype mane
kevin duong
kevin duong Il y a an
They smokin a blunt in the background lmao
RTB A&R Il y a an
🎅 got the #1 Dfense 😭
Krunk Tripp
Krunk Tripp Il y a an
@3:57 who else was like Oeeeeww!
Kelvin Spicy
Kelvin Spicy Il y a an
That's wats up show some love in the community instead of killing each other👍👍👍👍👍👍. I like wat dude did👍👍👍 100.....
O DOGG17 Il y a an
He said i went to venice!? Haha 💀👎 he couldnt wait to shit on cali!? Hahah foh
IronLyanZion Il y a an
1st dude walked off like sumone just stuffed him in a locker n stole his lunch😭😂😂😂
nephewsb Il y a an
Double rim? SMH
Dallas Texas
Dallas Texas Il y a an
Should've showed up in a grinch costume the way he doing them kids lmao
Jeremiah Ausler
Jeremiah Ausler Il y a an
That's love G ✊🏾
Kayode Il y a an
He made 20x that money with this vid. 😂
David Heard
David Heard Il y a an
Love! That’s how Santa come to the hood. That has to be one of the realist displays of giving back I’ve witnessed. Good shit Cash.
Daddytrill Bedf
Daddytrill Bedf Il y a an
Man come to Austin. That's easy bread right there
William Cabanillas
William Cabanillas Il y a an
I love the way the hood down for a game! Someone need to add that spanish ninja turtle twist to the translation..jajaja!😎
Lance Carter
Lance Carter Il y a an
Stop it with that cali ain't physical shit
Bishop85 Il y a an
The pencil sketch spongebob hoodie the kid in the back is wearing is fucking CLEAN.
Laden Buge
Laden Buge Il y a an
Santa a Hall of Fame Lockdown Defender
Yamutha Faqa
Yamutha Faqa Il y a an
Game should be called Splash for Cash
Andrew Sanders
Andrew Sanders Il y a an
Venice not the hood come to a hood in Cali 🤣
Mr Pic A Hit
Mr Pic A Hit Il y a an
Reef k
Reef k Il y a an
first thing first bro bro you went to the beach in California come to the hood in California I bet you would have got scored on in dunked on Facts 💯percent Let me pick the Cali people next time you come
Reef k
Reef k Il y a an
People be trying to shit on Cali 30 years later and shit LoL 😁 😂
CR TV Il y a an
Santa Defense is on Fuago lol
GS Il y a an
How didn't they get robbed?
Justin Rutledge
Justin Rutledge Il y a an
Whats funny is the first reaction outta everybody is what I will, wait..... Lol
Vinny vinny
Vinny vinny Il y a an
No disrespect cash is only cash when he's betting cash,🙏
Riis Roulette
Riis Roulette Il y a an
Dude must think he’s clamp. Out there losing bread
Alex Hathaway
Alex Hathaway Il y a an
Mystery why they broke all the time.
Pugg 14
Pugg 14 Il y a an
I hope you made a lot of youtube money.
Sky Hend
Sky Hend Il y a an
Tall dude lowkie reminding me of Giannis
Andrew DeMond
Andrew DeMond Il y a an
Bruh I just realized i wasn’t sub to cash , then said oh god I never will sub to flight
Byron Dingle
Byron Dingle Il y a an
"I don't care how old your are." Lol
CR TV Il y a an
Lol straight savage as he should 😂
Free n-word pass
Free n-word pass Il y a an
Airball nasty
Damian Lewis
Damian Lewis Il y a an
Bro I'm from Lafayette I wish I was in the park that day😩😩
Miguel Tapia
Miguel Tapia Il y a an
Good video broski
Devon Davison
Devon Davison Il y a an
Yall guys showed mad love we need more guys like yall in this 🌎. 100
Donovan Lane
Donovan Lane Il y a an
That was GQ yo!!!!!
The Plant God
The Plant God Il y a an
Yooooo this video is hilarious and good for the community 🤣 💪🏿
furiousstyles2k Il y a an
Way to give back to the community bro.
Byron Virgil
Byron Virgil Il y a an
Vegas Nex ri
Byron Virgil
Byron Virgil Il y a an
Yall jab step is Shyt
Byron Virgil
Byron Virgil Il y a an
I'm frm da Boot Saint Jo.
Byron Virgil
Byron Virgil Il y a an
Dame yall cnt score on him in a dammmm suite
Kemuri no ō
Kemuri no ō Il y a an
Come to Savannah, Ga