Surprising My Mom And Dad With A New 2020 Truck!

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Il y a 6 mois

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Tatjana Silina
Tatjana Silina Il y a jour
Matlho Matlho
Matlho Matlho Il y a jour
Ooh Jesus nice car
Heaven ly
Heaven ly Il y a 3 jours
Love it💝
Adeniyi Adeyemi
Adeniyi Adeyemi Il y a 3 jours
you are blessed brother....
Darryl Redding
Darryl Redding Il y a 3 jours
Nice truck its beautiful and God bless those brothers and who ever else makes there mom and dad happy, "HONOR THY MOTHER AND THY FATHER...🙏😊
V. Iyer
V. Iyer Il y a 6 jours
And the Credits goes all to your parents for you guys upbringings, Great Parents, Great Caring kids, love and Respect. 🙏
Avtar Sidhu
Avtar Sidhu Il y a 6 jours
You should of bought the ram
Tee Jay
Tee Jay Il y a 7 jours
♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ One Love, Absolutely Beautiful
stephen kamau
stephen kamau Il y a 8 jours
Such an amazing moment appreciating your parents for their efforts in raising you to become who you are today.
CRD CandyCrip Ashley
CRD CandyCrip Ashley Il y a 9 jours
Nothing but Respect cuzz💪🏾💪🏾
Earl Brady
Earl Brady Il y a 9 jours
God Bless you guys special place in Heaven for sons like you
Earl Brady
Earl Brady Il y a 9 jours
That’s the truck
Earl Brady
Earl Brady Il y a 9 jours
No there not it’s what’s in the package
Earl Brady
Earl Brady Il y a 9 jours
Sierra crew cab they don’t rust
Earl Brady
Earl Brady Il y a 9 jours
GMC best truck made Professional
Earl Brady
Earl Brady Il y a 9 jours
You guys are some great kids I can say that I am 59
Earl Brady
Earl Brady Il y a 9 jours
The inside feels like a cock pit of a plane
Earl Brady
Earl Brady Il y a 9 jours
GMC best truck built but they are going to love you I built the assembly line in Warren Michigan I am a Jouryneysman Millwright
B. Bamfo
B. Bamfo Il y a 9 jours
That's really sweet
Dan and Holly Swedberg
Dan and Holly Swedberg Il y a 11 jours
Beautiful thing to do for your parents
Dan and Holly Swedberg
Dan and Holly Swedberg Il y a 11 jours
Put your seatbelt on
patrick McLaren
patrick McLaren Il y a 11 jours
Beautiful 💗
Janet Carroll
Janet Carroll Il y a 12 jours
Omar M
Omar M Il y a 14 jours
That's sweet brother God bless you 🙏
Shannon Hairston
Shannon Hairston Il y a 14 jours
That was Nice god bless you and your family
Phyliss Gello
Phyliss Gello Il y a 14 jours
what a Good son
Sadnlonely WithoutmyDaughter
Sadnlonely WithoutmyDaughter Il y a 14 jours
My Dad's youngest spawn just murdered my Dad a few months ago and cops won't do shit about it... My Mom died when I was 12. Almost 39 now. My Dad was only 69 still had a full life to live and I should have went checked on him that week, he'd probably still be alive.. stupid me!!!!
Sadnlonely WithoutmyDaughter
Sadnlonely WithoutmyDaughter Il y a 14 jours
A good used Dodge pick up for pulling would be nice.
Sadnlonely WithoutmyDaughter
Sadnlonely WithoutmyDaughter Il y a 14 jours
All I need is wires plugs a battery and distributer cap for my 96 asspire.
Robert Bailey
Robert Bailey Il y a 15 jours
Emotional wealth is priceless
Severine Mabirika
Severine Mabirika Il y a 15 jours
Try one day to give them bible/quaran
Busy Bee
Busy Bee Il y a 15 jours
I like the fact that he said they can't give this one away they have to accept this one rite here... I pray to one day be able to do something similar to this for someone 🙏
Tuwan Eldridge
Tuwan Eldridge Il y a 16 jours
My heart ❤️ is feeling the joy for your parents blessings for you young man
martha ewing
martha ewing Il y a 16 jours
Beautiful !!!! 👍🏽
LenaLove Il y a 16 jours
Where would we be without those who raised us, sacrificed for us, taught us, disciplined us, nurtured us, strengthened us and most of all loved us, hats off to all parents who paid the cost to be the boss
WilliamNPC Il y a 16 jours
Did them dirty and bought them a ram.. cash it’s very nice but it’s a ram
Ike The kid
Ike The kid Il y a 17 jours
He did right by them most ppl would get their parents a testla or Bentley he got them something sporty and conservative.
Margarita Garcia
Margarita Garcia Il y a 17 jours
DeVon Mitchell
DeVon Mitchell Il y a 17 jours
Wow 💯🙏good job my brother 👏
Rafael Rivera
Rafael Rivera Il y a 17 jours
Yo yo too that are in front of the car meaning the truck the GMC you guys look like twins bro
Bill Smith
Bill Smith Il y a 17 jours
You should have looked at the tundra 1794, but that’s a nice GMC
Derrick Maxie
Derrick Maxie Il y a 17 jours
Man I’m at work watching this crying what a blessing I like the Ram and GMC
BIG SEAN Il y a 17 jours
Ben Swanwick
Ben Swanwick Il y a 18 jours
Good to see all the years of drug dealing has payed off . Your parents will be proud
A. Z
A. Z Il y a 18 jours
SIC DETAILING Il y a 19 jours
OG did not hesitate to take those keys though... bruh said “ ssssshhhhhhiiiiiiitttttt, loose dem keys bruh “.
Cotton Flannigan
Cotton Flannigan Il y a 19 jours
The Lord God graciously gave you the resources to purchase this vehicle for your parents. You were saying "GD" and your father was saying " My F-ing God"... I pray that God has mercy on your souls. You were cursing God after all that he has Blessed you with... God Bless You.
Darrien Scott
Darrien Scott Il y a 19 jours
Pops aint skip a beat!
Michel Ray Bibb
Michel Ray Bibb Il y a 20 jours
This is such a blessing to have young men like this as a son. I wish my son would surprise me and never drink again that would be worth more than anything in this world for my son to care about his life you're blessed to have children like them
A. G.
A. G. Il y a 20 jours
Right on
Kizzy Ellison
Kizzy Ellison Il y a 21 jour
Wow! Yall really made a Sista cry. I lost my Mom years ago. It's a blessing to have a mom you could surprise in such a marvelous way. That Wes gold. Like really.... that was gold. 😂
duramax Il y a 21 jour
I'm same way my parents never want a payment and buy used and still have old trucks I got 04 gmc 2500hd 6.0 with 301,xxx miles its on its last leg leaking from every where
Jonathan Blackburn
Jonathan Blackburn Il y a 22 jours
Wow bigger blessings coming your way never can do to much for your parents all love
adrian Il y a 25 jours
Man I had a smile this whole video I already respected Cash bc of how real he is and my respect just went even more hopefully y’all have more blessing in life Cash and your family much love god bless🙏🏻🙏🏻🔥🐐
SM Il y a 26 jours
This is what I live for to put smiles on all my family faces 💪
Higher Frequency
Higher Frequency Il y a 26 jours
This is every mans dream. 🙏
michael green
michael green Il y a 26 jours
I just subscribed You have a heart of gold.
Paul Bryant
Paul Bryant Il y a mois
🙏🏿 🙏🏿 🙏🏿 🙏🏿 🙏🏿 🙏🏿 🙏🏿 🙏🏿 🙏🏿 Blessings Blessings and blessings
Caleb Ramos
Caleb Ramos Il y a mois
Who would know him wearing an 100 thieves shirt to be in 100 thieves
Verna Blackwell
Verna Blackwell Il y a mois
Loving Family 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦❤🧡💛💚
Angelo Guerrero
Angelo Guerrero Il y a mois
Hey cashnasty buy a new car for yourself and ash like Lamborghini or McLaren you can buy that bro
ardido mario
ardido mario Il y a mois
may God bless you bro ofr good you have done for your parents
Kela Kouture
Kela Kouture Il y a mois
He talking about Mom and Dad truck Hell thats Dad truck😂😂😂😂😂
ItsShaneBTW Il y a mois
Coolest vidoe ive seen in a while
Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger Il y a mois
You a pure man Cash much love🙏
Logan Il y a mois
haha they're supposed to walk you through stuff, I always tell them not to.
Mike P
Mike P Il y a mois
Do you need a brother? I could use a kia
G.O.A.T Playz
G.O.A.T Playz Il y a mois
I didn’t even recognize cash had a 100 thieves shirt
Alberto2cet Il y a mois
Me looking at cash's Brother thinking it was him(cash) looking like beetlejuice 😭😂
Sslidin Chuco
Sslidin Chuco Il y a mois
Your brother just like you
Zakryah jar
Zakryah jar Il y a mois
Man you are a legend ♥️♥️♥️♥️💪🏽
brian irungu
brian irungu Il y a mois
Yo it is good help out family and God bless you men.
MS JAY Il y a mois
😂😂😂that fool said he was starting to zone out. Y'all had me dying talking about the salesmen
eline jacobs
eline jacobs Il y a mois
You ate a good son.
hung low
hung low Il y a mois
hello babe
ASA TRILL Il y a mois
It’s crazy how we didn’t notice he was wearing a 100 thieves shirt
James Floyd
James Floyd Il y a mois
Whew that mask upside down was wrecking my nerves
Joseph Lowe
Joseph Lowe Il y a 2 mois
I’m a new subscriber 😁
Sandra George
Sandra George Il y a 2 mois
Must be nice bragging and showing off when some people can't even afford dinner and table
Emmanuel Asante
Emmanuel Asante Il y a 2 mois
Daddy be like , I’m off on a date with my new truck 😝😝😝😝😝
carmela. nealon
carmela. nealon Il y a 2 mois
thats a blessing ya'll carmela
Wisdom Charles
Wisdom Charles Il y a 2 mois
You're a good son, God bless you bro.
Koolaidman Il y a 2 mois
Sound like great parents crazy how life can change
Unfamiliar Beetle2917
Unfamiliar Beetle2917 Il y a 2 mois
V6 challenger lmfao, last I checked that shit is a V8, it don't matter what year.
Lois Banks
Lois Banks Il y a 2 mois
Absolutely, beautiful!
David Simmons son of God
David Simmons son of God Il y a 2 mois
Hi son of Enoch Lord Yahweh my brother he was here 900 AD name Muhammad lived as Muslim at peace
David Simmons son of God
David Simmons son of God Il y a 2 mois
In Miami you can't have a contractor license unless you're truck is new
David Simmons son of God
David Simmons son of God Il y a 2 mois
Y'alls my blessing on to me David!
1988 Mini Blazer
1988 Mini Blazer Il y a 2 mois
Hming Thanga
Hming Thanga Il y a 2 mois
hi bro new subscribe
Yvette Gillespie
Yvette Gillespie Il y a 2 mois
Thank you for sharing.....beautiful family...
Postive Vibes
Postive Vibes Il y a 2 mois
Blessed family🥰
Janeil's PLAYGROUND Il y a 2 mois
got a sub for this one, good looking
Marshawn Feemster
Marshawn Feemster Il y a 2 mois
Bro got a twin
Yung LB
Yung LB Il y a 2 mois
This vid deadass brought me to tears bro no cap. After all my parents have sacrificed for me. I can’t wait to do something like this for them. Respect
D.N Abrams
D.N Abrams Il y a 2 mois
Congrats the best 2 Brothers and a great family....🙏🐦🏡💖
Michael Celestine
Michael Celestine Il y a 2 mois
You unlike this video ? You ain't buying anysh*t for momma again... better be moderate
kittie berry
kittie berry Il y a 2 mois
Omggg you are gorgeous❤🖤💜
Aldrin Buslay
Aldrin Buslay Il y a 2 mois
Wow beautiful car men nice 🙂😍🤩🙂😮😮😮😯😯😯
heddu you
heddu you Il y a 2 mois
What a dream! Them trucks ain't cheap!!
I bought my parents TWO BRAND NEW CARS!!
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